We could not do all we do without the help and support of many individuals who volunteer their time and efforts to the cause.

Transcript Volunteers Hall of Fame

Huge shoutout to these volunteers who have put their time and energy into making these episodes more accessible.

  1. Alexey Gladyshev, (Slaves to Progress; Irreplaceable; Do Not Disturb; Renewable Problems; Bankrupt Ethics; Logistics of Slavery; The Nuclear Option; This is Not a Place of Honor)
  2. Pseudo McCoy, (Debt End; War Machines; Parched; No Entry; For Better or For Worse #2)
  3. Andrew Lenec, (Bill of Health; Pill of Sale)
  4. ALLFALL, (The World Might be Broken)
  5. Jandun, (Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach)
  6. Catrina, (Apocalypse Now)
  7. Clara, (If a Tree Falls)


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Episode Titles

Thanks to Michael Torcivia for providing so many of the witty and creative titles for our episodes.