We have a lot of beliefs about how the world could be a better place and they affect how we run this show.

  • We do not have advertisers and we never will.
  • We do our best to minimize tracking. We use a privacy respecting analytics suite (fathom), we respect Do Not Track, and you can see all our data here.
  • All of our content is released under a permissive license (Creative Commons BY-SA). If you have a project where you need a more permissive license, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • We believe in open access so every single episode has a full transcript for the hearing impaired and easy translation to other languages.
  • We go out of our way to provide high quality sources and information about the research we do for each episode.

Radical Transparency

Technology and Services

  • This server is hosted on Scaleway in France.
  • The website is built using Grav, analytics by Fathom, served over SSL secured by Lets Encrypt and Cloudflare who is also our CDN.
  • The actual episodes are hosted on and served by Pinecast - we do not control their analytics. If you want to listen to an episode and do not want to download it from Pinecast, contact us and we can arrange to get you a file.
  • Recording is done in Audacity, editing and mastering is performed in (fully licensed) Reaper.
  • Transcriptions are started by machine using Discourse and then edited by hand.
  • We conference live through Discord voice chat while recording.
  • Research is recorded in Discord, Simplenote, and Google Drive.
  • Files are organized and synchronized in Dropbox.
  • We record to flac, save a flac master, and serve 128 or 112kbps mono mp3's for online deliverables.
  • Bibliographies are built using BibTex spec with open source JabRef.


  • David currently records on an RE20 (arm, shock mount, pop filter) through a cloudlifter and into a Sound Devices MixPre-6M.
  • Daniel currently records with a Shure SM57 (arm, shock mount, pop filter) into a RODEcaster Pro.
  • Both edit on Windows desktops.