We have a lot of beliefs about how the world could be a better place and they affect how we run this show.

  • We do not have advertisers and we never will.
  • We do our best to minimize tracking. We host our own service, our logs are anonymized and cleared periodically, we respect Do Not Track, and you can opt out of all our site tracking below.
  • All of our content is released under a permissive license (Creative Commons BY-SA). If you have a project where you need a more permissive license, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • We believe in open access so every single episode has a full transcript for the hearing impaired and easy translation to other languages.
  • We go out of our way to provide high quality sources and information about the research we do for each episode.

Radical Transparency

Technology and Services

  • This server is hosted on Scaleway in France.
  • The website is built using Grav, analytics by Matomo, and served over SSL secured by Lets Encrypt.
  • The actual episodes are hosted on and served by Pinecast - we do not control their analytics. If you want to listen to an episode and do not want to download it from Pinecast, contact us and we can arrange to get you a file.
  • Recording is done in Audacity, editing is performed in (fully licensed) Reaper, post processing and metadata done by Auphonic.
  • Transcriptions are started by machine using Google Cloud through Auphonic and then edited by hand.
  • We conference live through Discord voice chat while recording.
  • Research is recorded in Discord and Simplenote (collaborative mode).
  • Files are organized and synchronized in Dropbox.
  • We record to flac, save a flac master, and serve 128kbps mono mp3's for online deliverables.
  • Bibliographies are built using BibTex spec with open source JabRef.


  • David currently records on an RE20 (arm, shock mount, pop filter, no roll off) through a cloudlifter and into an Audient id22. He has a very basic portable desktop audio baffle to help with reverb.
  • Daniel currently records with a dynamic mic (arm, shock mount, pop filter, no roll off) into a Scarlet 2i2.
  • Both edit on Windows desktops.