Ashes Ashes is a podcast about the end of the world. These are tales of systems out of control, environmental collapse, and ultimately a broken world. Through deep research, knowledgable guests, and historical anecdotes, Ashes Ashes brings light to failures that are often ignored or hidden just out of sight. With each story we hope to inspire action towards fixing these problems - while we still have time to. Every episode is lovingly researched and crafted because we care, because we're optimists, and because we want a better world.


In this age of digital surveillance, we take your privacy seriously. For example, we do not use Google analytics, but rather a locally hosted, open source installation of Matomo with rigorous anonymization applied to the logs (and we respect Do Not Track). We have gone out of our way to use locally hosted assets instead of using third party hosts and CDNs (except for the actual podcast embed). This website is hosted in France and we have never been contacted by US or international law enforcement.

Cast & Crew

Daniel Forkner studied finance and piano performance. He has sold commercial property and backpacked abroad. Now, he spends his time reading and thinking.

David Torcivia went to film school and now works as a colorist in New York City for all sorts of pointless ads, music videos, and tv/film content. He spends his free time (when he's not taking photographs or caving) reading, researching, and writing about the collapse of society's structural systems.

You can find a lot more information (plus photos and other content) on our press page.