An inside look at the how and why behind our work at Ashes Ashes. Explore these production diaries to see some of the thoughts and techniques that goes into every episode of this podcast.

Learning to Communicate

I press the Stop Recording button. We just wrapped up the recording for our first episode, Thin Ice, and in the discussion that follows David says "I'd like to get to the point where we're talking about 50/50."

I lean into the $15 USB mic on my desk and murmer consent, but in my head I think "yea right."

That first...

Our Time at Harvard

We had the pleasure of being invited to participate and present at Harvard Divinity School's Sound Education Conference over the weekend. We met and heard from some great podcasters, historians, and academics. I learned a ton, and appreciate having the opportunity, but there were also parts of our experience that left...

3 Month Update

It's almost April (as of writing) and we're just shy of 10,000 plays as we celebrate the first three months of Ashes Ashes!

We thought we'd take this chance to look back at the beginning of the show, where we are now, how we got here, and where we're going next - as well as some transparency information and general u...