Episode 37 - Logistics of Slavery (Part 2 of 2)

Last week we explored some of the conditions of the record number of slaves all across our world today. But to really understand the issue, we need to look at the systems that create and depend upon this cheap form of exploited labor - and to do that we turn our conversation to logistics.

No other force has reshaped our world as much as modern day logistics. From it's humble beginnings with the shipping container to redefining national security and our very political borders today, the massive power of shipping goods from A to B has dramatically changed the world - often for worse. This week we explore some of the effects of this force and the workers that get caught up in the process.

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  • 00:19 Paris Transforms
  • 05:00 Military and Logistics
  • 07:37 Logistics Transforms the World
  • 14:45 Flags of Convenience
  • 17:36 Cruise of Convenience
  • 22:22 Speeding Up Goods and Death
  • 24:53 Driving Faster Logistics
  • 41:25 Security of Logistics
  • 55:42 Workers are Threats
  • 59:15 Borders are Threats
  • 1:01:38 Democracy and Pirates
  • 1:08:15 What Can We Do?

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