Episode 106 - Human Nature

This week we get back to the basics with an episode about climate change and the many people waking up to it. Join us as we explore everything from a new European report on need for renewable energy to fuel economic growth to the work archaeologists are doing on how humans have always had an impact on the earth. A dive into humans, nature, and our place in the world.

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  • 02:48 - Progress on 20 Global Sustainability Goals
  • 14:39 - Failure to respond
  • 19:13 - MEDEAS Report in Europe
  • 25:37 - Faith in science restored?
  • 31:29 - Short term gains, long term pains
  • 39:32 - What's coming: migration, heat, crop loss, and more
  • 53:40 - Brazil mayors cut trees for election
  • 59:48 - Money is the root of all evil
  • 1:01:11 - Debt jubilee
  • 1:04:18 - Economic theory disproves climate change
  • 1:13:03 - Deep Anthropocene
  • 1:33:34 - What to Do

From the Show


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