Episode 105 - Schools Out

Friend of the podcast Moriah sits down with us to discuss life as a grad student during the pandemic. Then, we dive into Wendell Berry, a brief history of the start of some universities, the school-to-sports pipeline, competition in the workforce, and we ask what is the purpose of education anyway? Join us on a meandering walk down the hallway of another broken system (don't worry, we'll be back on this soon for deeper dives).

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  • 03:44 Moriah Catches Up
  • 23:47 Degrees for Cops
  • 27:16 Profits Over Education
  • 30:50 Sports
  • 47:24 Packers
  • 51:33 What Are People For?
  • 01:12:21 Land Grant Universities
  • 01:48:42 What is the Purpose?

From the Show


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