Episode 104 - This Land is My Land

You might be surprised how much our cities and streets are designed to keep people out. From spikes on sidewalks, baby shark music in our parks, to gates, buzzers, bouncers, water, deeds, and a whole bunch of clowns, and more! Why are our places designed to be so hostile to common enjoyment and peace? Why is it so important for white people to wall themselves off from the rest of the world? What does it mean to live in places designed like prisons on the eve of historic climate calamities? These and other questions are all explored as we contemplate and reflect on the crazy world that's driving us all nuts!

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  • 01:12 Some things that make cities terrible
  • 18:58 Exclusion connected to racism
  • 35:31 Origins of "Family Values"
  • 40:47 Whiteness is self-destruction
  • 46:42 Real estate market exclusion
  • 1:01:59 Clown Town
  • 1:05:01 Clown Music
  • 1:13:34 Anti-Cruisin' USA and more examples
  • 1:26:57 Gated communities, escapism, and climate change

From the Show


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