Episode 101 - Collapse Chat: We Didn't Start the Fire

Jack from Uni Students for Climate Justice joins us to discuss the bushfires in Australia, some of the resulting political and economic fallout and ways to respond. Then, with fire and ashes on our mind, we turn our attention to the unfolding catastrophes catalyzed by COVID-19, how we are each responding as individuals, and ways to move forward in our communities caring for eachother the best we can right now.

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  • 03:38 Bushfires in AU
  • 00:59 Bushfire political fallout
  • 13:02 Bushfire perspectives as an environmental student
  • 30:17 Anxiety and Agency
  • 42:06 Foundations of Power Questioned
  • 46:10 NYC
  • 51:31 What are our socially responsible options?
  • 59:04 Two divergent opportunities presented in crisis
  • 01:01:55 What can we do, economic fallout, and more

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