Episode 100 - One Hundred Years of Ashes

We're incredibly lucky to spend this week celebrating our 100th episode with all of you. Looking back at all the episodes we've recorded, the many systemic threats, issues, and problems explored, we thought it would be a nice change to look forward instead. This week we discuss one hundred years of the future, imagining what that might look like, good and bad, in some of the key areas of this show. What lessons have we learned? What obstacles will we face? Can we really build a better world? In this time of great uncertainty, it's important to look inside and imagine the future we want for the world so we know how to go ahead and start building it.

Join us for Ashes Ashes #100 and to imagine a better future for all.

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  • 05:53 100 Years of Surveillance and Fashion
  • 29:40 Social Media
  • 34:59 The Commons and Land
  • 40:32 Georgism
  • 47:36 Mad Mac and the World of Copyright
  • 53:21 Economic Collapse
  • 59:32 Climate change
  • 01:09:01 Hope in Disaster