Episode 95 - Collapse Chat: Silviculturists, Entrepreneurs and Social Science

It's another week and that means it's time for a chat show. This week a real silviculturist provides inputs on last week's show, David provides first-hand knowledge of essential bathroom upgrades, we discuss the big business of promoting entrepreneurship abroad, the even bigger business of co-opting social scientists, and more. There's also a special close out on future show updates that you won't want to miss!

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  • 01:01 Will the real silviculturists please stand up
  • 05:01 Promoting Entrepreneurship
  • 10:55 Invading Communities from the Inside
  • 23:47 How to Change Your Diet
  • 27:19 Social Science and Industry
  • 35:32 Wake Up and Smell the Gas(lighting)
  • 44:09 Ashes Ashes Updates

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Published 10-10-2019 00:32