Episode 94 - If a Tree Falls

We're missing the forest and the trees. Not only has logging exploded in recent years, but it is has done so in many cases in the explicit name of sustainability and green energy. We examine the authenticity of these practices as well as look at some of the long-term destructive consequences that forest disturbances can wreak, in some cases (e.g. extinction debt) reverberating a century in the future. Additionally, the same economic forces that destroy pristine and critical ecosystems are the same that seek to divide and conquer indigenous people by pitting them against one another and against the health of the very land they depend on.

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  • 00:38 "The Industrial 'One-Night Stand'"
  • 08:22 Logging 101
  • 11:32 Good or Bad?
  • 19:52 Sustainable Logging
  • 32:45 Problems
  • 34:23 Biomass Woes
  • 45:09 Logging and Climate
  • 53:42 Dangerous Jobs
  • 58:08 Land Tenure
  • 1:12:18 What's this all for?

Recommended Reading


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