Episode 91 - Collapse Chat: Name and Shame, Community, and Re-Imaginings

It's another chat episode as we take a break between deep dives and this week we explore in more depth some of the experiences Daniel has had in the organizing for his new work. It turns out there are important lessons to be learned for not just Daniel, but all of us even in his first few days on the job. David also shares his latest organizing work and explores some trends in the world around us.

Reflections on naming and shaming, community work, food justice and agricultural sustainability, the tipping point of a global future, community radio, rants, and more - this week we've got it all!

full transcript available

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  • 04:49 A Language Note
  • 10:05 Two Projects
  • 24:10 Tipping Points
  • 36:16 World David
  • 43:02 I've got Mine
  • 51:39 Imagination

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Published 12-09-2019 00:18