Episode 87 - Collapse Chat: On the Border

David and Daniel are in person in Tucson, AZ reflecting on their time at the US Border Patrol Museum, running into border patrol agents on New Mexico state road 9, walking into Juarez, Mexico, and much more.

This is a continuation of our chat series covering lighter topics and what's new in our worlds. Next week returns with our regular deep dive episodes.

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  • 01:21 Border Patrol Museum
  • 17:10 Detention Visitation
  • 28:51 Border Drive
  • 40:01 Medic Training

From the Show

David's tweet gallery from the Border Patrol Museum: https://twitter.com/davidtorcivia/status/1159978514289954816

Where to start if you want to visit an immigrant in detention:

  1. Find the local organizations in your area: Freedom for Immigrants
  2. Read the "Freedom for Immigrants Guide to Visiting People in Immigration Detention": Visiting Guide
  3. Additional groups that may be in your area: More groups

Medic stuff:

  1. NYC Action Medical: NYCAM
  2. Atlanta Resistance Medics: ARM
  3. An example of what can go wrong when you call 911: 911 Story
Published 15-08-2019 02:15