Episode 85 - Collapse Chat: Beach Vibes and Rocket Man Exploits

What compels a group of truck owners to drive in a procession down the sandy Florida coast (and how does racism relate to environmental issues)? How can you bypass the paywall to access the latest scientific papers? Why do you need an adblocker? Can the world create a co-op burger joint with vegetarian options? More importantly, what is the quickest and surest way to trigger David? These questions and more are discussed on the latest collapse chat.

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  • 02:47 Trucks on the Beach
  • 33:10 Research Tricks
  • 36:45 Militarization of the Climate
  • 50:53 Carbondale Spring Updates
  • 53:51 Advertising Hate

From the Show

(1) Truck Lives Matter

(2) The Militarization of Climate Change

(3) Access the above paper using sci-hub.se

(4) DONATE to the Carbondale Spring Cooperative Business Fund on their gofundme page.

(5) Learn more about the Carbondale Spring project on their website carbondalespring.org.