Episode 77 - Coping With Collapse

Awareness of the systemic threats to our world comes at a cost. Often, that cost includes feelings of isolation, existential dread, depression, shock, and other uncomfortable realities. But these emotions do not define the final stage of our journeys. This week we read from listener emails, each describing a different point along the path of coming to terms with uncomfortable truths, and from these we learn that there is a way to move forward. Through confronting the denial that our society wants us to consume, pushing past hopelessness, and expressing our grief, we can begin to reconnect with other humans, build communities, "prep" for the future, and build a better world together.

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  • 08:38 Denial
  • 14:32 Hopelessness
  • 20:40 Grief
  • 34:27 Preparing
  • 49:32 What can we do?

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Published 06-06-2019 20:33