Episode 55 - What We Can Do

It's a new year, and almost exactly one year since Ashes Ashes began, so we're taking a moment to step back and reflect on the question at the end of every episode: what can we do? This special episode features both Daniel and David explaining what they work on outside of the show to make the world better (even if just a little bit), why that matters, and different ways that we all can do our part to push things forward towards fixing everything that's broken around us.

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  • 01:24 Daniel's Story
  • 11:40 David's Story
  • 18:35 Community
  • 21:23 Organizing
  • 28:13 Individual Actions
  • 34:12 Collective Action
  • 41:17 Homework

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Published 03-01-2019 3:01