Episode 54 - Golden Age

Much maligned by history, they nevertheless hold a special place in culture and our hearts. This week we're discussing all things pirates. What drove these men and women to a life as enemies of all nations? What went on aboard their ships? Is a pirate's life really for us? We answer these question and much more as we look back to the Golden Age of Piracy and what we can learn from the period and how it relates to the piracy ocurring today.

(we apologize for the audio issues in this episode. we recorded out of our regular set up, but we'll fix it when we get time back in studio)

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  • 10:37 Why become a pirate?
  • 13:12 A more equal social order
  • 26:12 What systems made pirates inevitable?
  • 31:47 Perks of a pirate's life
  • 39:05 Courage above all else
  • 41:21 A pirate's life was made possible by a long history of cultural and generational knokwledge and tradition
  • 45:38 Fast forwarding to the modern day
  • 59:53 Closing thoughts

Recommended Reading


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Published 27-12-2018 3:01