Episode 52 - Killing Fields

Following the acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer, just a handful of companies now control over 70% of the world's supply of pesticides and 60% of patented seeds. Consolidations like this speak to an underlying trend in industrial agriculture, and in this episode we stop to consider the role that pesticides play in a system of food production that threatens biodiversity, food security, human health, and the environment on which crops are grown. In addition, we ask what impact these trends have on small farmers, and what we can learn from the efforts by local community seedbanks to preserve diversity and resist industrialization.

While we do explore the human health consequences of certain pesticides, as well as the risks we may not be certain of, we primarily choose to focus more deeply on why pesticide-aided industrial practices attract investment in the first place and what effects that has had on Earth and all of us.

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  • 00:36 Agrochemical consolidation and pesticide dependance
  • 09:51 Pesticides affect more than humans
  • 16:35 Understanding the role pesticides play in a larger system
  • 20:28 Why industrial farming anyway?
  • 27:55 Roles of diversity in a better world
  • 29:41 Indian landraces - Dr. Debal Deb
  • 32:51 Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute
  • 45:21 Intellectual property stalls farming innovation
  • 50:38 Desiccation: the insane farming practice you've never heard of
  • 56:35 We have enough food to feed the global population?
  • 58:39 Harvard finds way to profit from climate change
  • 1:02:49 Glyphosate
  • 1:13:47 Regulations blind to global poor
  • 1:19:07 What can we do?

From the Show


In the intro, we say that Bayer...:

...will own 70% of the chemicals used around the world to grow crops, it will own 3/5ths of the world's supply of commercial seeds...

This is an innacuracy. This is the market share of Bayer and a couple other major international companies combined.

Listener Comments

Another example of the way pesticides accumulate in the environment, and continue to impact life today and well into the future, from Coffeecat:

DDT and lindane were found to have accumulated in an Alaskan glacier, and they are increasingly being released in meltwater. This is causing them to accumulate in fish to levels that are potentially harmful to Alaskan communities to whom fish are a staple food. (I also find it concerning, as someone who often eats Alaskan salmon.)

Sources here and here.

From Michael:

My partner works in the pesticide distribution business so I hear bits and pieces about how pesticides are used and how they are seen internally. As far as the distributors are concerned, they are essentially towing the line of the parent companies (such as Bayer), typically these businesses are too small to run their own tests so they essentially just have to trust the information given to them. So I have no internal information from that side.

The biggest issue I hear is that while these chemicals are tested in ideal conditions, they are rarely used in this fashion. Farmers desperate for results will typically use these chemicals in wild and uncontrolled manner. 'Time is money!' and all of that. So while a chemical can be deemed 'safe' when used properly, there is the very real possibility that they are not being used in this fashion. This can range from using excessive doses or even mixing multiple chemicals without checking for compatibility measures. Most of the time this will just kill the crop immediately, other times it can actually be very nasty. Having spoken to toxicology on this before, don't mix acidic and base chemicals - that is how you create mustard gas. :S

There is also the assumption that the produce will be cleaned properly at the sorting facility. While the intention to clean them properly is their, it isn't always done effectively. Wash you fruit and vegetables! An example, if you get a lemon or lime and you see little semi-transparent white spots on it, that is pesticide residue that has dried on the surface. Wash that off immediately.

Credit were it is due, there is a lot are 'pesticides' coming down the line that are actually really smart - they are more mechanical with a common chemical nature than pure artificial chemical solution. Think sticky boards with UV lights to attract bugs as a broad example. They are trying to out run the potential for bug resistance by using physical methods that are difficult for them to adapt to and have no means to produce residue. It is a reasonable solution even if not widely used.


In the episode you guys casually mention how atrazine can turn male frogs into female frogs, but it's kinda misleading to just put that out there like that. A lot of species of frogs are sequential hermaphrodites meaning they'll change their sexes throughout their lives in response to certain social or environmental factors. Some might not do this naturally, but since they have the necessary genetic components to undergo this process, all it takes is some epigenetic influence to do it. Another study also found that salt can turn female frogs into males so... it's not that crazy


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