Episode 50 - Apocalypse Now

The IPCC recently released its most dire report yet, warning us of a planet quickly warming to 1.5C, implications for our future, and offering pathways for mitigating the damage. But at the core of these pathways are flawed assumptions, paradoxes, and impossible promises. Why do these failures persist at our highest international institutions, what does this signal about the broader economic and political failings that got us to this dire situation, and how can we re-frame our perspectives to face the greatest challenge we as a species have ever faced?

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  • 03:46 A 1.5C World
  • 07:33 Preventing a 1.5C World
  • 13:42 Ecological Consequences of 1.5C
  • 20:51 IPCC Failures
  • 23:57 Ecological Feedback
  • 32:39 Magic Technology Needed
  • 37:55 Indigenous Knowledge and Economic Growth
  • 50:00 Why Does the IPCC Miss the Target?
  • 1:03:06 Shared Memory and Loss
  • 1:10:04 Hope
  • 1:13:51 Imagination

Additional Reading

IPCC Chapter 2

Climate change and the permafrost carbon feedback (Schuur et al)


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Intro music: Joe Kimono

Published 15-11-2018 17:20