Episode 42 - No Catch

The peak of our industrial fishing returns has come and gone, despite a myriad of innovations. In fact, these very innovations may be driving food insecurity even deeper. As fish stocks decline, new methods of extraction are trained on ever-dwindling fish populations to prop up an unsustainable system, leaving vulnerable communities all over the world in their destructive wake. Ironic, since the communities we are leaving behind may ultimately hold the secrets to regional food security. Can we find a life vest to weather the coming tsunami of international food crises? Or will we simply trawl our way to the bottom?

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  • 02:30 The Cod War
  • 15:54 Industrial High Seas Fishing
  • 21:54 The Wondyrechaun
  • 31:51 The Importance of Small-Scale Fisheries
  • 35:42 Fish are food not friends
  • 39:18 Food Production Through Theft
  • 41:37 "As Always, Climate Gets the Final Word"
  • 45:01 What Can We Do?


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